Thema: Suche teile für Citroen B10

Suche teile für Citroen B10

Reference is made to your website. I am in the need for
some parts for a 1924 Citroen B10 which is under
restauration. I therefore wonder if you could assist me
in finding either the parts themselves or necessary
drawings/pictures so that I can have them made.

The car was bought without any seats. I therefore need
both front and rear seats. I would appreciate very much
if you could guide me where to search for such seats or
drawings of them, or somebody that you could recommend
for making them form new.

I would also appreciate I you could tip of other useful
websites that could be interesting for
collectors/restorers of old Citroens.

Many thanks in advance !


Re: Suche teile für Citroen B10

Hello Frederik,you can contact the netherland club,
called PATAN (www.dordt.nl/patan)
Another adress for pieces :manufactury DEPANOTO in
France Tel.0237524325 Fax 0237527452
Best regards from Ulli.
If you have got any queftions you can ask me again.